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Car Telematic Solutions


Car Telematic Solutions (CarTelSol)

CarTelSol develops together with you the mobility of tomorrow. In hardware and software, in innovation and concepts we are your dedicated partner for the innovations. Over the past projects, our equilibrium has become a cornerstone of modern development.

Our experience is divided into the following areas:

CaR 100%
Telecommunication 90%
Informatik 65%


Our latest projects in the past one year

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IT-Consulting and Development

  • Design and development of synchronization adapters to the migration of data from proprietary systems into a SAP system.
  • Development of a Java-based web application for mediation and origination of corporate customer loans to small and medium sized enterprises. Workflow management with the JBoss jBPM Workflow Engine (Java Business Process Management). Preparation of reports for the management of business.
  • Technical design and implementation of the web service interface in Java. Create the necessary database views in SQL Server.
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Telematic Design and Implementation

  • Import of timetable data (Geo and time data) of transport companies in public transport as the basis for reporting. Design and development of interfaces to timetable data from different sources in a neutral transmodel, which will then be transferred to the application database and is stored persistently.
  • Treatment of transformation data for transport companies in public transport for display in Google Maps. Design and development of web service (RESTful) interfaces to transformation data of transport for the visual representation in Google Maps.

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Hardware Design and Quality Management

  • Design and development of an hardware solution for the management of fleets and containers. Creation of dynamic reports for the management of the company.
  • Porting and further development of an application for the assessment of the efficiency of product potential. Replacement of an serial based communication through a canbus based communication.
  • Setup and conduct Quality Management process in hardware development.



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